Friday, August 31, 2007

Equal Airtime for Politicians Sucks

Apparently NBC will not be re-running episodes of Law and Order co-staring Fred Thompson b/c then they would have to offer all other political candidates equal airtime. Unfortunately for TNT and USA, Law and Order pulls some of their highest ratings and they can't just not run it.

This whole equal air time thing is such crap. In fact, all political advertising is crap as well. Besides, Fred Thompson's portrayal of District Attorney Arthur Branch is the perfect advertisement - a government man who handles his power and influence in a wise and discerning manner. As a fan of the show, I could easily picture Thompson delivering his state of the union address the same way he delivers his lines on Law and Order. No advertisement can match that, in my opinion.

I think it's time to do away with these laws...I understand why they are there, but it makes my job that much more difficult during election years. Besides, we're in the information age, people! You don't need cash to get your message out anymore...

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Good Morning

Who watches the morning news? Anyone under 25? Yea, I didn't think so. Personally, I'm just trying to get in one more hit on the snooze button. However, I watched the morning news yesterday due to a restless night and boy I'm glad I did. Haven't had a crush on a TV personality since middle school, but Tallahassee's ABC affiliate has one cute morning news anchor. I guess I'll have to help those ratings out and watch some AM news! Enjoy, ladies :)

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Dell Commercial Song is Awesome

I came across the new Dell Inspiron laptop commercial today. The one with all the colors. Well, the song in that commercial is absolutely perfect and thanks to Yahoo! Answers, I can tell you the band is Flaming Lips and the song is called, "The Wand." I actually really like the commercial but I think if I told any ad friends they would just mock me (apparently we're only supposed to like Apple advertising). Adrants has already proclaimed their disapproval. Oh well. I like it, I think it's cool that they are finally offering colors and I wish my Inspiron 6000 was red.

ps Yea I know the 6000 isn't that it at the start of grad school...

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Since when is TP a USP?

Today I heard - quite possibly - the worst radio commercial. Of course, nothing beats car spots but as far as thought-out, properly produced commercials go this one takes the cake.

Poor Paul's Pourhouse, a Tallahassee watering-hole exclusively reserved for people missing incisors, is the proud advertiser. The spot touts a new gimmick to lure drinkers to this fine establishment. Charmin toilet paper will now be stocked in the ladies room on Tuesday night (the weekly ladies night). Yes, only Tuesday night. Any other night of the week you can expect to simply 'shake.'

If that promotion wasn't weird enough (yea, I get that "Penny Pitchers" was already taken, but toilet paper? Seriously?), the rational is that - and I quote - "a dry customer is a happy customer." Ugh. They just lost me as a customer (and they need more of me - what with my teeth and all!). But hey, at least Charmin is getting some free publicity...

If this isn't Charmin, I'm outta here.