Tuesday, September 25, 2007

PR Apprentice

Our PR team is holding this amazing competition this spring for their interns. The prize? A job with Kidd PR! How sweet is that?

The site should go live in the next day or so...I'll post a link. It's hilarious!

Sprucing Up House

Time for a Kidd Group update. We've been discussing for the past year and working for the past couple months on how we are going to promote our agency. Of course, while discussing how we will promote the agency, we came across some internal stuff that needed some changing. Some processes that we wanted to fine-tune before we shared them with the world. Kind of like re-decorating an already nice house for company.

Basically, we wanted to be sure that everything we were saying we believed ourselves. Which is what we usually have our clients do. We call it a "Brand Discovery Session." What a cool process. We've hashed-out answers to questions like "why do we do that?" and "how can we do this better?" and probably my favorite part so far, "who is Kidd Group?" It's like being a teenager all over but without braces.

I can't tell you what we've discovered - that's top secret for now - but I can say that I'm excited to promote this agency. More to come. But in the interim, here's a link to a great blog for an even greater agency, Plaid, who has been doing just what I've been talking about. Pretty sweet stuff they have going on and I love that they love their new brand.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Personality Tests

I think it's common knowledge that personality tests typically tell you things about yourself that you already know. I just took the Kiersey tests (available here) as part of an assignment for an Organizational Communication course I'm taking this semester. There's a free mini test you can take and it told me I was a "guardian." The profile definitely fits me. I'm interested in seeing how my professor will relate this to the workplace. I'm sure there is link between certain personality types and how they handle responsibility...

Friday, September 14, 2007

Facebook Apps Multiply and Bug the Crap Out of People

My sister and I were talking about Facebook last night and she gave me this awesome quote:

"The other day someone sent me a beer on Facebook. What the hell? A virtual beer? I'd like to send them a virtual kick in the ass."

WCTV Preview Party

Susan (new assistant media buyer) and I went to WCTV's (local CBS affiliate) Fall 07 preview party this past Tuesday night. It was definitely fun and entertaining to see what is up-coming for the new season. In the past, I haven't always been as aware of all the new programming as I have this season. So I'll be posting some predictions for the new season this weekend. I bet the 5 of you that read this blog are waiting with bated breath!!!

Oh, click the link to see pics of me and Susan posing with some of the local news anchors at the party. I like that they refer to us as "fans." The reality is that I watch very little local news...unless Mr. Beyer from WTXL is on...

Sunday, September 09, 2007


Just wanted to say that Sara Silverman's relentless insulting of Britney Spears at this years VMAs was perfect as Brit's performance was pretty terrible. Real strippers are more inspired...