Thursday, November 15, 2007

I'm back...

Just got back from a fun weekend in New York - and now I'm exhausted! We did a lot of partying, shopping, eating, walking and saw some really interesting sites. Also got to visit a few friends while there (shouts to Zahra, Emily, Nydia and Kevin!). Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get up there in time for AdTech, but who wants to think about work when on vacation? Well, I guess I did think about it a little...(loving the view from my plane seat...who would've thought to put a URL in that spot? Overzealous marketer!).

And a few more photos...I just can't help myself!

(Beertopia at the Village PourHouse)

(Museum of Sex...which was pretty much terrible...don't recommend even though we had a good laugh at the signage).
(Emily and myself at Rosa Mexicana)

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Campaign to Target Those That Create Campaigns to Target...

Weird, yes. But very cool. I love seeing campaigns targeting media planners and buyers (and directors - I've been promoted! sweet!). This one from USAToday has been running in the past few issues of Advertising Age. I've seen three in the series so far and I came across one in an Ad Age e-newsletter. I'll scan in the others next week when I get back from my annual trip to NYC (gotta get some big city time in).

I just love it. That's so funny and so dead on - especially the antacid. Definitely had a few late nights fighting with Excel and some Tums would have come in handy. As far as the Media Lounge thing they are don't really get what it is, to be honest. And I was so excited to learn since the ads were so insightful. Darn.