Wednesday, December 27, 2006

job opening

We have an assistant media buyer position open at my agency. This place rocks - and you'd get to work with me - so if interested, please email: mem02h at

Saturday, December 23, 2006

You are an adult when...

you send Christmas cards. I sent some out this year and I'm really proud of myself. Most of them were for reps, but it's the thought that counts. Anyway, I thought about buying some dorky Christmas stamps, but when I saw these at the post office, I couldn't help myself. They are educational (who knew we had the largest cliff dwelling?) and I think the sub-head, "Land of Superlatives" is hilarious.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

folding bike

I've seen these before, but this one is so colorful and I love how it stands on one pedal when it's folded.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Time to be one of those people that recommends things.

1.Go visit the Mental Floss Magazine blog. I love the writing style:

"Complex proteins that float freely through the bloodstream of almost every animal, antibodies recognize, and clamp onto, anything that isn’t supposed to be inside the body–sort of like a tiny, biological car boot."

Has that Forest Gump's mama feel to it, but funny.

2. Clearification is a website promoting Windows Vista. I don't really know what Windows Vista is, and I still don't know even after visiting the site. However, Demetri Martin's ramblings are genius. And I kinda like Windows for actually publishing the site. It's very un-Microsoft of them. Adrants picked this one up a few weeks ago, but I'm proud to have heard of it before them. Ha.


Things have been overwhelming lately...but in a good way. Lots of work happening and some interesting developments. I just finished a course at FSU called Account Planning, taught by Felipe Korzenny (who is so interesting and a pioneer in Hispanic marketing in the US). He forced us to engage other account planners and to actually perform some of the duties of an account planner (on a small scale). It's the first class in my program that I've actually enjoyed and that has really influenced me.

The big development, however, is my job. I'm in the process of re-writing my job description and kind of morphing my position into the dream job. It's really exciting. I'm going to attempt to create a media planner/account planner position at my agency. I can't really see having one without the other. To me, studying how people consume media is so incredibly important to the advertising industry right now. The media world is so...fickle. Well, maybe that's not the right word. Anyway, the creative may be on target but if no one sees it, then what's the point?

I'm hoping this change won't be too painful. I think I read that Bill Bernbach once said that good agencies already do account planning, it's just not an official position.

Any advice is welcome...

Monday, December 18, 2006


The Christmas party rocked. It was so much fun. We did a pirate theme (Kidd Group...famous pirate William Kidd...eye logo...eye patch...the parallels are infinite). Employee gifts included logo beer steins and knives. Everyone had a pirate name. We even did a signature drink. I will post more pics as they become available. Nothing too scandalous.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Christmas Party

All I can say is this: the Kidd Group Christmas party is this Friday. Photos to come soon.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

been a while

I feel really bad for not posting anything for over 2 weeks! And I just told someone about how I usually post 2x a week. Sorry for turning into a big fat liar. But honestly, the past three weeks have been completely insane - throw in Thanksgiving and I really haven't had the time to write at all. The funny thing is that while I was feeling bad for not writing, I ended up coming across tons of things that I wanted to write about! Now I've forgotten it all. I've decided to coin a term: blogger remorse.

Blogger Remorse: the feeling of sadness and regret felt by bloggers that forget their great observation/idea for a post.

Even though I've forgotten most of the post topics I had in mind over my absence, one thing did stick. It's an ad I saw for Purell hand sanitizer. I highly doubt anyone else in the entire world will write about this spot (other than the people that worked on it) but I thought the approach was really on target.

The spot shows a dingy, germy world - the kind I would imagine that paranoid users of hand sanitizers see. However, it turns out that the users actually see a bright, clean world through the Purell bottle. It's kind of like rose-tinted lenses, but reversed. The Purell user becomes the optimist in this spot - not the pessimistic, wimpy, "ooh-I'm-so-afraid-of-germs-I-use-my-elbow-to-open-the-bathroom-door" consumer. And creatively, I thought the execution was cool - not necessarily the most original (much like a contact solution commercial), but I liked it.