Wednesday, February 28, 2007

It's Not Easy Being Green

A trend my agency has been talking a lot about recently is the proliferation of "green" businesses and practices. The Oscars went green, homebuilders find that green houses sell for more $, hybrid cars are gaining in popularity. You can even get tax breaks from making your home energy efficient! And the cool thing is that it's not just some hippie fad, but a time-consuming, expensive endeavor that many businesses and consumers are finding worthwhile. It's definitely something to consider for any ad clients. How do we spin this? How do we use this green concept to establish goodwill among consumers? How does "going green" make people feel?


just a blatant brag pic...

Sunday, February 25, 2007

sadly, UF commercial hits the mark

Even though I hate the Gators (like any good Seminole) I can't help but like their TV spot that annoyingly just showed up in the Tally market.

I'll cry if UM starts producing quality advertising (don't worry - the last spot I saw featured Gloria Estefan).

Monday, February 19, 2007

Awards, Celebrations and Wine in a Cube

First, thank you Heather for bringing the cube of wine this past weekend. Target continues to make products I never even knew I wanted.

Second, this weekend was a blast because my younger sister can now drink legally in public. Go Trish!

Third, Addy Awards were this past Friday. We rocked. 10 Addys. 2 Gold and 8 Silver. I was on the Addy Committee, so I got to check-in all the attendees and see who was who, which was very interesting. If you ever get the opportunity to do a job like that, do it!

I realize this post probably doesn't constitute a real, true blog post. I'll get something useful up here soon!

Friday, February 09, 2007

Catching up on my Reading

Lots of good books have come my way as of late. Almost done reading Pour Your Heart Into it by Howard Shultz, CEO of Starbucks. The book is all about how Howard lead Starbucks to glory. I love the book. Probably because I love the coffee. It gets a little "look how great we are," but I've enjoyed it. I have now become an official Starbucks know-it-all ("um, actually the name comes from a character in Moby Dick...Starbucks only roasts their beans dark...frappuchino was the name of a drink made by a company Starbucks bought out").

Also reading the Ten Faces of Innovation, by Tom Kelly. This book is about the different personality types used by companies to get rid of the devils advocate in the workplace. Ten Faces comes from IDEO, quite possibly the coolest company ever. I bought a couple extra copies of the book to send to cool people I meet along the way. *A bit of advice I've taken to heart - give useful/relevant books as gifts. People love getting them and it can help them along in their career. I think this is especially important for advertising/communications professionals. Also send handwritten thank you cards.

Lastly, my sis bought me an oldie but goodie, Boogers are my Beat, by Dave Barry. A little Miami nostalgia. If you're from the 305 (or M-I-A), you'll fall over laughing at his collection of old Herald columns. If you're not a native, you'll still fall over. Makes me homesick. Almost.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

So fresh and so...

Cleaning day at the agency is so much fun for me. I accumulate such an incredible amount of crap, that's it's actually very liberating to have a day dedicated to getting rid of it. Who says cleaning has to be a chore?

My wreck of a desk...

Our agency director...

Bye Bye old Macs...