Sunday, October 28, 2007

Review: Historic Photos of Tallahassee by Andrew Edel

I was recently sent a book for review on this blog, which was a first that I was really excited about. When I read the title I was even more excited because though I've never alluded to the fact that I'm kind of a history buff, my family and I have this weird fascination with anything ancient. For mom, it's cemeteries. Dad loves war monuments. Sis and I both go for historic sites.

The book is titled, "Historic Photos of Tallahassee" by Andrew Edel and is obviously a collection of old photos of the city I'm currently a resident. Now, I'm no photography expert by any means, but these pictures were pretty cool. Mostly because a lot of the structures are still standing today; it was fun to see what Monroe Street and the Wescott Building looked like back in the day. And who doesn't love old-timey photos of unsmiling families and politicos of the day? But while the unique photos give this book coffee-table-worthy status, it's the captions on the photos that prove an extra 3o words can really say a lot more than the thousand from the picture. I was impressed by the thorough research and appreciate the attention to detail.

Overall, Historic Photos of Tallahassee was enjoyable and surprisingly informative. If you are a Tallahassee native or just love history, I would recommend picking this up. Or if you're just looking for a neat book for your coffee table or guest room, this would be a great option.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

You Want to Work in Advertising?!

This is pretty awesome.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Hooters Magazine

I was doing some research on Atlanta magazines and came across Hooters Magazine. Yes folks, it exists. Just thought I'd share.

Hooters Magazine

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Check this out

The spots on this site are just so cool. Wish I could have been in the city when it was being shot.

Scored some tickets...

Last night my friend Ashley and I headed out to FSU to see Marcus Roberts in concert. Mr. Roberts is a legendary jazz pianist who also happens to be blind, so it was pretty inspiring to hear him play. And of course it was good to get a little culture! So thanks to my rep for the ticket hook up...

Monday, October 08, 2007

PR Apprentice, Florida State Victory and a Weekend in Jax

Check out for our PR team's intern competition.

Highlights from this weekend:

My sister and her friend Kim completed their first half marathon. Pretty impressive, huh?

Florida State beat NC State this weekend. 4th win in a row for the Noles.

University of Florida lost to LSU (::devilish grin::). 2nd loss in a row for the Gators.

I got to have a weekend out of Tally and visit a friend in Jacksonville.

So apologies for being a less than stellar blogger... :)