Wednesday, December 06, 2006

been a while

I feel really bad for not posting anything for over 2 weeks! And I just told someone about how I usually post 2x a week. Sorry for turning into a big fat liar. But honestly, the past three weeks have been completely insane - throw in Thanksgiving and I really haven't had the time to write at all. The funny thing is that while I was feeling bad for not writing, I ended up coming across tons of things that I wanted to write about! Now I've forgotten it all. I've decided to coin a term: blogger remorse.

Blogger Remorse: the feeling of sadness and regret felt by bloggers that forget their great observation/idea for a post.

Even though I've forgotten most of the post topics I had in mind over my absence, one thing did stick. It's an ad I saw for Purell hand sanitizer. I highly doubt anyone else in the entire world will write about this spot (other than the people that worked on it) but I thought the approach was really on target.

The spot shows a dingy, germy world - the kind I would imagine that paranoid users of hand sanitizers see. However, it turns out that the users actually see a bright, clean world through the Purell bottle. It's kind of like rose-tinted lenses, but reversed. The Purell user becomes the optimist in this spot - not the pessimistic, wimpy, "ooh-I'm-so-afraid-of-germs-I-use-my-elbow-to-open-the-bathroom-door" consumer. And creatively, I thought the execution was cool - not necessarily the most original (much like a contact solution commercial), but I liked it.


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