Thursday, November 16, 2006

Consumer Reviews

I've begun to notice that for just about any product or service, there is a review of some sort available somewhere online. For example, if I were buying a new electronic device - let's say a digital camera - 2 years ago I would have gone to the store, found the cameras in my price range and then pick the coolest looking one of the bunch. Well, I recently bought a new camera (Casio Exilim - so great!) and that is not at all how the process went.

First, I checked out CNET and read reviews for all the cameras in my price range (under $250 - I'm no professional) and then tried to decide which flaw I could live with. Purple-ish haze at night? I'm cool with it. Camera shake with low shutter speed? Not so much.

After that, I went to store websites to see which place had the best deals. It was there where the real reviews came into play. Consumer reviews, otherwise known as word of mouth, were offered. This is where I learned that the Casio was a cool little camera that shot the best photos for the money.

Now, I would expect an expensive electronic to have a review available. But what about a coffee maker? A new recipe? A professor? Check out Target's website to read reviews about different appliances. Go to to read reviews of user submitted recipes. Before choosing a college course, check out to see if the teach will be inspiring or sleep-inducing.

I realized that advertising played no role in my decision to purchase the camera. I think there may be an opportunity here for advertisers. If people are saying good things about your product, how can that be highlighted in the advertising? Beyond testimonials, how can we use advertising to harness all the good word of mouth? Or is this a PR thing?


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you can see some of the samples of the real consumer reviews on this site:
Consumer Reviews


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