Friday, August 31, 2007

Equal Airtime for Politicians Sucks

Apparently NBC will not be re-running episodes of Law and Order co-staring Fred Thompson b/c then they would have to offer all other political candidates equal airtime. Unfortunately for TNT and USA, Law and Order pulls some of their highest ratings and they can't just not run it.

This whole equal air time thing is such crap. In fact, all political advertising is crap as well. Besides, Fred Thompson's portrayal of District Attorney Arthur Branch is the perfect advertisement - a government man who handles his power and influence in a wise and discerning manner. As a fan of the show, I could easily picture Thompson delivering his state of the union address the same way he delivers his lines on Law and Order. No advertisement can match that, in my opinion.

I think it's time to do away with these laws...I understand why they are there, but it makes my job that much more difficult during election years. Besides, we're in the information age, people! You don't need cash to get your message out anymore...


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