Monday, July 02, 2007

This job comes with benefits

So any new media buyer can expect a few things. Craziness. Sucking up. Having to be a bitch. Spending all day on the phone. Scrambling. Math. Free lunch (sweet). Station swag (hello American Idol umbrella). And my favorite so far - pilot DVDs. Oh yes, Michelle got the hook up this year from the CW and Fox. They sent me this coming season's pilots - which is so much cooler than a free lunch!

Unfortunately, not liking the stuff coming from Fox. Sorry guys, I love your network but I'll just hold out for new episodes of my old fave, Prison Break.

The real surprise was the CW. Their stuff looked first rate and there are 2 shows in particular that are going to completely rock. The first is called "Reaper." This show is about this guy who's parents sold his soul to the devil and now he is basically a bounty hunter for Satan. Of course, this is a comedy and the Devil is hilarious. Also, the main character has a best friend/sidekick that I find ridiculously amusing in the same way my guy friends find doing keg stands and 2-story funnels.

The other show I see having a bright future is Gossip Girl. This one is pretty much Cruel Intentions: NYC. Antics of rich kids in the east side are reported on the blog, Gossip Girl, and the blogger becomes the fly-on-the-wall narrator. I have heard that some of the characters are off (the show is inspired by a book series of the same name), but not being a reader of the series, I like it a lot. It's neat to see a show that incorporates teens using technology in a very sophisticated way. When I was a teen (which wasn't that long ago) we weren't that wired. Anyway, they've got my eyeballs.


Anonymous Ashley said...

Well, I would hope that "Reaper" would be awesome with Kevin Smith as a director.

July 02, 2007 7:45 PM  

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