Friday, May 11, 2007

Nielsen Rant Cont.

Ok, so I found out from my Nielsen rep that they don't always know which markets they will include for African American and Hispanic ratings. This is because it all depends on how many survey participants they secure for each market. Some markets are givens for certain demos (ex. Miami for Hispanic ratings) but some aren't. I understand this, but what a pain. Definitely makes it difficult to plan campaigns targeting minority audiences.

You know, I'm so over trying to plan using GRPs and base demos and projected ratings. It's such a stupid system. I end up having to make all these beautiful media plans with perfect GRP distribution and wonderful placement and great rotation. Then the post comes along and look, this show didn't do as well. Or that show did way better. Sometimes I wonder what the point is to all the planning? It's all going to be changed anyway.

But I don't know how to improve it and it seems that's all we've got. BLAH!


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