Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Nielsen Rant

So I'm doing some planning for a multi-market campaign and our agency doesn't subscribe to the Nielsen data for some of those markets. All I need to know is whether or not those markets measure African American and Hispanic audiences. Is this info anywhere on their site? NO! Does Arbirton list this info? YES! In fact, Arbitron has tons of free reports to help plan media campaigns. Nielsen has nothing like that. You have to pay to get a zip code report or a DMA map. That is ridiculous! Way to make it that much harder for me. It's not like that info is worth money anyway - at least not in the same way the actual ratings determine how ad dollars are spent. I'm just so frustrated that I had to vent. And now I have to call them and find out. Which means I'll probably be on the phone for 30 min asking for something that should be really easy to figure out.

If anyone has a resource that can help me with this, please send it my way. Thanks!


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