Sunday, September 10, 2006


So excited that I joined a running club this past week! It meets on Wednesday evening and we have an additional schedule to follow for the rest of the week. My friend and I are doing it together - so I'm happy to have someone else to run with. We also decided that halfway through the program we're going to treat ourselves to this really cool bar in town to show off our new hot bods. haha

Work was crazy this past week. We had a bid to get out on Friday before I had to do some serious hussling (lol - that sounds bad). But the bid got there in time. Actually half an hour early! Fingers crossed that we win.

I'm feeling that Monday is going to be pretty insane as well. I've got to put together a buy in Houston - exciting! After doing all the research about that city, I seriously want to visit. Apparently there are over 11,000 restaurants in Houston. That's amazing - you could eat out at a different restaurant every night for 30 years! How I wish to live in a big city again :)


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