Thursday, August 10, 2006

Since my blog is titled, "My 2 Cents" it's now time for me to give mine in regards to the viral video that is's subway pitch. Everyone else seems to be talking about it!

The idea behind this pitch is really genius, I think. The video has had over 70k views. Obviously, is able to make a video go all viral on us. I'm not sure how many people saw the video that aren't in the ad (or otherwise related) industry or who exactly was hoping would see it. Anyway, I saw it and it was kinda cool.

However, as a pitch I'm not sure how Subway would respond. At one point, one of the creatives says that Subway "has a lot of potential." Um...yea...potential. Right now, in little old Tallahassee, Fl I can think of at least 7 Subways and I'm sure there are more. 4 of them are within a 1-mile radius of FSU. I'd say that Subway has gotten past the "having potential" phase of business.

Either way, the music was cool. The people had pretty good comedic timing. Their building was very ad-agency-ish. The creatives had weird piercings and were dressed way down. Overall, I think it's neat and different. Shows creativity - maybe not the greatest (or smartest) execution in the world. But I'd be surprised if they didn't get the account...


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