Tuesday, August 01, 2006

My name looks so good in print

Cool story - my agency was the first in the US to have a client use RDS radio. RDS is a special display on some cars stereo systems that allows a short message to appear on the screen. NPR does it and so do many CDs (ex. the song name will come up when it's playing). Well, we were the first to have it come up when our client's radio spot played...pretty cool! And, we got some local coverage from the publication, "Business Matters."
Yours truly is quoted!

"With approximately 1 out of four cars on the road equipped with RDS, we were excited when this technology was presented to us by Cox," said Michelle Marts, Media Director for Kidd Group, "We are always seeking innovative and cost efficient ways to deliver our clients' messages."

We're always looking for more ways to distract people on their daily commute ;)


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