Tuesday, September 12, 2006

the offices connect

The other day we had an agency-wide meeting that included one of our (best) creatives out in Wisconsin. That's right, we are totally connected - we see him, he sees us, we hear him, he hears us - all through the computer! It was really neat to actually see it happen. I read a story recently in AdAge (I think) about how CP & B is now completely wired from their Miami office to their new Colorado location and that they connect in the same way my agency now does. It made me kind of proud to work for such a cool company. It was definitely a futuristic experience.

Now I also have a bit of a rant involving the class I'm taking (account planning). We had a project last week where we chose current campaigns, analyzed 'em, and presented them to class. One of the things we had to come up with was the consumer insight that drove the campaign. My group presented the new Jeep Compass (SUV) campaign. It's the one with the bobble-heads.

We had trouble coming up with a consumer insight. We didn't get the time to really research, but we came up with the idea that b/c the ad featured old school hip hop music (and they even had a singing ad in Cosmo that must have cost a FORTUNE), city scenes, and a diverse "cast," the target audience was young city-dwellers. So why would young city dwellers want a Jeep Compass?

We thought that there must be something about SUVs in general that made them cool enough for someone living in a city to want one. So maybe it's the SUV lifestyle that people like? Maybe they like having the power, the size, the height, or even just the option of driving up a mountain?

The ads themselves never really focused on drive features exclusive to an SUV(except the print ads did mention all-wheel drive), but rather on the storage capacity, fuel efficieny, amount of passengers and stereo system. This lead us to believe that perhaps Jeep found that younger car buyers are looking for a car that gives them social kudos by allowing them to play the music they like and bring all their friends, doesn't make them feel guilty about spending too much cash on gas, but is still big and makes them look rugged (sp?).

Our professor kind of shot the idea down...were we that far off? I've been thinking about it ever since last week and I'm still not sure. He didn't really have much else to offer either. Thoughts?


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